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EDGE touch 2.7.0 User's Manual

It is explaining roughly. If there is a question, please ask with Twitter (@takabosoft), a question bulletin board, etc.
Question BBS

Moreover, although UI differs in part, in explanation of a concept, the user's manual of a previous version may be consulted.
Ver.1.06 User's Manual

File Management Screen

Editing Screen



Drawing Tools

Tap to draw a pixel, swipe to draw free curve.
Swipe to draw a line.
Swipe to draw a rectangle.
Swipe to draw a filled rectangle.
Swipe to draw a ellipse.
Swipe to draw a filled ellipse.
Tap to fill a portion of the same color is followed.

Color Palette

Selection Tools

Swipe to select as a rectangle.
Swipe to select as a free hand.
Select the portion of color is followed by the same color and the location you tap.
Swipe or tap to select the color you traced.


Pen Size: 1
Pen Size: 2
Pen Size: 3
Pen Size: 4
Pen Size: 5
Transmission of selection (toggle switch).
Flip Horizontal
Flip Vertical
Right 90 ° Rotation
Left 90 ° Rotation
Resize Twice
Resize to Half
Toggles the layer referenced for eyedropper and fill. When on, it is the visible layer (composite layer); when off, it is the current layer.


Animation Screen

Share Screen

There is a compatibility to share and destination file format, there is also that it becomes JPG format at the other end even export in PNG format.
I summarizes the correspondence table.

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