To send and receive data to PC

The image data of EDGE touch can be sent and received to the image data on PC by using the tool for PC.
Please download the tool for PC on Windows.

Download of tool for PC

etu_en_104.zip (275KB)

Software Name: EDGE touch Utility
Version: 1.04 (2018/10/13)
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.1/10

How to send and receive

Please start tool (EDGE touch Utility) for PC on Windows.
Then, IP address and the port are displayed.

Next, [Menu]-[File]-[PC Data Transmission] is chosen on the EDGE touch side.

A set screen is displayed.
IP address and the port are input, and the tap does [Connect] button.

When the connection succeeds, the following screens are displayed.

Please up-load and download it like this screen on the Windows side.

Windows version EDGE introduction

It is convenient because data can be exchanged like the edg form (With the layer structure kept) at the reorganization collection when Windows version EDGE (free software) or EDGE2 (shareware) is used.

EDGE can be downloaded from the website for PC.

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